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Welcome to F2170 Reports Concrete RH Risk Mitigation!

The ASTM F2170 standard for measuring relative humidity (RH) in concrete slabs requires a host of items be adhered to in order to ensure a proper RH measurement process has been performed. Flooring failures due to improper risk analysis and mitigation can lead to millions of dollars in unnecessary costs, and continues to plague those who perform inadequate testing, many times because of not conforming to the F2170 standard procedures and requirements.

This forum is dedicated to providing assistance to Engineers, Contractors, and dedicated moisture testing agencies. Or goals are to provide the information available to help ensure proper RH testing is performed while assessing a concrete slab for flooring failure risks associated with moisture in the concrete, and to provide a "certified" generated report that customers can rely on as being obtained through best practices methods.

Ultimate Simplicity - Let's help each other by sharing our experiences and ideas about proper methods and equipment to further promote our whole industry. With our shared knowledge, we should be able to further maximize our abilities to perform proper testing in the field.

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Open discussions on relative humidity testing. Ask questions and share field experience.


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xxHow to fix the issue of Google map not working | 22 Apr 19

23:49:25 by itguide | Views: 1 | Comments: 0

Google has bestowed on its users different sorts of bounties that is difficult to imagine by the users even. Google maps are one of the amazing services given to the users by Google itself. Google maps are devised with a view to provide convenience to the users. Suppose you head towards a new location and you find different issues while heading towards the unknown places, then Google maps in this case can turn out to be a real bliss. With the help of Google maps one can easily track locations and thus one can easily find the way to any place. Sometimes users confront the situation of Google maps not working. Here is a fix to this troubling issue.

Steps to sort out the issues related to Google map not working:

Ø Whenever you are confronting the issue of Google map not working then first of all, you must check internet. In case internet connection is working well, then take some other steps to sort out this issue.
Ø The next step to root out the problem of Google map not working is to reset your network settings. To reset your network settings you can take the following steps:
Ø First of all go to settings and click on General. After that you can go to reset icon which you will be able to see at the bottom.
Ø Finally move to reset settings and also you can enter your password to confirm your decision. After taking these steps you will be able to reset your network settings perfectly and the problem related to Google map not working will be sort out perfectly.
Ø In case, you are still facing the troubling issue of Google maps not working then you can also ensure to update the operating system of your phone. As soon as you accomplish this step, you will be able to have a smooth performance of Google map.
Ø One other step you can take is to uninstall your Google map app. Once you uninstall Google maps make sure to reinstall it quickly so that you can expect the optimize performance of Google maps.
If in spite of taking these steps the problem of Google maps not responding is not solved, then you can take some alternate solutions in this regard. Either you can contact Google customer service or you can get in touch with a renowned third-party solution in this regard when Google maps not responding effectively. To choose a reliable agency must be the prioritize task and that must be followed by adequate research.

xxWhat is SBCglobal net? | 22 Apr 19

23:29:11 by shirleyscott | Views: 1 | Comments: 0

SBCGlobal refers to the internet service offered by AT&T. ... After its collaboration with AT&T, the firm's previous or existing users enjoyed the ability to check their resulting email accounts with Yahoo! Mail. What's more, subscribers' high-speed Internet service, after the merger, became SBC Yahoo DSL.
Thank You.

sbc mail
sbcglobal email
www sbcglobal net...

clipNetflix Not Working | Netflix Com Activate | www netflix com activate | 22 Apr 19

04:26:06 by Netflixhelps4u
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Why Shouldn’t Apple Purchase Netflix?

It's reasonable that numerous benefactors wish Apple to make an advancement in improving picking up. Be that as it may, it would be essentially unrealistic for any conceivable target — even Netflix — to move the needle for Apple. This is a strong contention against paying a substantial rate to buy the gushing video pioneer.

A few Investors Are Losing Endurance

Following Apple's benefits report, Ross Gerber, CEO of speculation the board firm Gerber Kawasaki, communicated a disturbance about Apple's reluctance to make an amusement evolving picking up. "It ought to be illicit to have $250 billion in real money and not use it — that is what you should do as CEO," he told CNBC.

This is a dangerous perspective to embrace. A superior depiction of the CEO's responsibility is to ensure that the capital of the organization is utilized well. At times, that implies making bold acquisitions, however frequently it implies stopping from colossal arrangements. Without a doubt, it's basic that a CEO not feel bound to spend money since it's accessible.

Gerber should know better. All things considered, he embraced that Apple buys Go Pro in late 2015 when its domesticated animals were managing for multiple occasions its ongoing dimension. Had Apple taken his proposal at that point, it would have squandered more than $5 billion to buy an organization that is fighting to make back the initial investment and has questionable advancement prospects.

Netflix Is a Relatively Rational Target
For Apple, acquiring Netflix today would maybe bode well than obtaining Go Pro 18 months back. Apple is amidst a major push to build its administrations business, and Netflix would give it a major lift around there. Netflix as of now has intently $10 billion of pay — which is all persisting– and is expanding quickly.

That is a major reason why Apple investigator Kulbinder Garcha has been puffing the prospect of an Apple-Netflix bargain as of now. He likewise noticed that there could be moderate collaborations with Apple's present business, for example, better conditions from substance proprietors and the bent to bundle Netflix with other Apple membership administrations.

Yet, Netflix Wouldn't Boost Apple's Growth by Much

Amid a year ago, income surged 30% year over year at Netflix as the organization's global extension expanded steam. This expanded its top line by more than $2 billion. Investigators envision Netflix to build up its pay by a normal of about $2.3 billion every year in 2017 and one year from now.

In any case, while Netflix is the highest advancement organization all alone, this measure of improvement would be for all intents and purposes useless to Apple, which delivers more than $200 billion of yearly income. In respect to this base, a Netflix accomplishment would give a one-time salary increase in 4%, while developing Apple's improvement rate in future years by around 1 rate point.

To put it a different way, one of the financial specialists' fundamental reprimands of Apple today is that it is excessively needful on the iPhone. For sure, in monetary 2015, iPhone income surged by $53 billion, driving a $51 billion development in the organization's whole income. Conversely, in financial 2016, whole income and iPhone income both hurried by $18 billion.

What's more, It Would Be Way Too Expensive

The other issue with getting Netflix is that it would be amazingly costly. Netflix has a market top of about $67 billion today. Checking the estimation of specialist's stock decisions and an arrangement best, Apple would maybe need to pay at any rate $80 billion-$90 billion to buy it.

While Apple has huge amounts of cash, 93% of it is held offshores. It would need to make good on expelling regulatory obligations 35% + to convey that cash home to buy a local organization, for example, Netflix. In this manner, Apple may need to expel $130 billion of outside cash – unevenly 50% of its whole money stock– to buy Netflix.

Rather, Apple could issue the obligation to pay for a Netflix accomplishment. In any case, givens that it as of now has intently $100 billion of obligation, embeddings another $80 billion-$90 billion to its tab would be a suspicious move. In addition, regardless of whether Apple had the capacity to cash the arrangement at a very low 2% premium value, it would take numerous years for Netflix to develop its benefits enough to cover the additional premium consumption not to mention developing Apple's advantages.

This is a considerable amount of stress to experience for an accomplishment that wouldn't essentially modify Apple's advancement course. Like it or not, speculators need to distinguish that the iPhone's accomplishment will keep on controlling the organization's fate for the anticipated future.

Troubleshooting Netflix Not Working On TV

Netflix has propelled its everything new 4K HDR similarity. Aside from that, Netflix is additionally creating TV indicates which are in full 4K. What is progressively significant about them is that they are HEVC .265 encoded. It implies that their information impression will be significantly less than a standard 4K video. As indicated by Netflix Com Activate, a run of the mill 4K video takes 17.5 gigabytes of information for an hour of playback. Netflix utilizes a negligible 6 giga byte every hour for the equivalent. Henceforth, the video pressure is magnificent for the system and for your pocket on the off chance that you are on a tolled system.

Why Netflix shows error codes:

It ought to be now endorsed that Netflix deals with a dominant part of brilliant TVs and cell phones. It bolsters an assortment of gadgets and even a significant number of the inheritance equipment and programming. It has a staggering proposal motor. The majority of this can be utilized by simply actualizing a Netflix Com Activate on any gadget you use. You don't have to claim any restrictive equipment for utilizing Netflix. It fills in as an application, as a product and as a program site for cell phones, tablets, brilliant TVs and PCs.

Till now, Netflix was known for its extraordinary decent variety in substance and its superb recommendations motor. The proposals motor, as per Netflix Help Center is one reason why clients continued returning. it proposes precisely the kind of substance clients need to see dependent on their pursuit history and survey designs. It additionally attempts different sorts of parameters, for example, which parts of a show were skipped and which some portion of a similar show was rehashed. The majority of this metadata encourages Netflix to demonstrate important substance to clients which they can see after some time. It has a mind-boggling calculation that Netflix changes with time.

How to solve these kinds of error codes:

Netflix offers its administrations cross-landmass in the far east and wild west as well. Notwithstanding, since it has a gigantic client base, it needs to dispel any confusion air with regards to mistake codes. There is an assortment of blunder codes which clients need to face and some of them are additionally revealed identified with Netflix Com Login. When clients sign in, there can be a lot of further mistakes. A considerable lot of these are identified with explicit administrations of Netflix yet the greater part of these are plain vanilla identified with the working of essential spilling.

Thus, if Netflix demonstrates mistake codes at the season of beginning the application, for example, "Netflix is disconnected", check if the application is associated with the web. For that, Netflix.Com Sign In Help proposes that clients should check if the gadget on which the application is being utilized is associated with the web. Assuming this is the case, at that point check if the base web speed is accomplished utilizing any speed test systems. On the off chance that both of these are valid, check with your ISP about the ports which are empowered for Netflix use.

Different sorts of issues which clients report are pretty much answered to explicit usefulness. In the event that there is any sort of issue with any usefulness, the most ideal approach to manage it is to reinstall the application. After re-establishment, go to Netflix Activate and after that check if the application is actuated. When that is done, check if the applicable administrations are working. On the off chance that the application isn't reinstalled capable like if there should be an occurrence of keen TVs, go to the application area, clear Netflix information and after that search for updates. When that is done, check if the significant administrations are working or not. It is reasonable to state that these recommended arrangements are snappiest and most straightforward techniques to explain any sort of general issues with Netflix.

For more specialty issues, contact www Netflix Com Activate for on location help.


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